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I certify that this information contained in this application is true, complete and accurate. I agree to permit the review of this Application and my school records by anyone representing Lea County Electric Education Foundation. I authorize the release of information to confirm and/or verify this application. I further authorize the release of my name and photos in connection with announcements of scholarship awards in the event that I am selected to be a scholarship recipient. I understand that this scholarship is good only for full-time students pursuing an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. The scholarship funds are only applicable towards undergraduate degree only.

We, the undersigned individuals, the applicant and a parent/guardian of the applicant, by signing below authorize the release of any and all academic information from  and do hereby authorize the guidance counselor and principal of such high school to discuss such information with the LCEC Education Foundation. We, the undersigned, by signing below authorize the release of any and all test scores and other information from the American College of Testing (ACT) or the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) to the LCEC Education Foundation.

By signing below, we acknowledge that we have each read the entire application package and do hereby certify that we understand the contents of the application package. Also, by signing below, we each certify that the information provided in the application and each of the attachments submitted with the application are true and correct. If any of the information provided in the application or any of the attachments is found not to be true and correct, the applicant will be immediately disqualified and, if any scholarship has been awarded, such scholarship shall be rescinded.
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